Upcoming SCORE Events

Keep Up With SCORE! Attend These Upcoming Events:

Date Location Event Topic/Title Presenter(s)
31 May 2023 State College USCOTS SCORE Workshop SCORE Network
2 June 2023 State College USCOTS SCORE Breakout Session Ivan Ramler
3 June 2023 State College USCOTS SCORE Birds of Feather Robin Lock
16 June 2023 Kansas City AP Statistics AP Statistics Presentation Rebecca Nugent
11 July 2023 Toronto IASE SCORE with Data: Sports Content for Outreach, Research, Education TBD
2 August 2023 Tampa MathFest Building a SCORE Module to Teach Statistics with Sports Data Nick Clark/Andy Lee
9 August 2023 Toronto JSM Session: Sports, Statistics, and Science - Such Synergy! Brian Macdonald/Ivan Ramler/Ron Yurko
12-13 August 2023 Chicago Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball TBD Ron Yurko
10 November 2023 Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference